Baking Tuesday

Baking Tuesday Sinopsis

Jelena and Tea, the cleaning ladies, are finishing up a job in a very modern kitchen. Tea attempts to calm Jelena, as she’s nervous and unsettled by her son being bullied by a little girl. While baking cookies, Tea leads a dialogue in which Jelena realizes she needs to be positive and calm about the situation without any further lethal actions against the mom-shamers. The cookies are done, they finish the cleaning and pack up something we weren’t even aware of.

Baking Tuesday Director Statement

I believe Baking Tuesday represents a simple, yet effective form of storytelling both stylistically and narratively. The idea transforms a mundane, everyday situation into a grim tale in the blink of an eye. Both characters embody a solid want and need in the story, misdirecting the viewer so effortlessly that the story transcends above and beyond their expectations. A cozy, suburban motion picture with a sinister undertone.

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“Hello to all the film lovers of the Buenos Aires International Film Festival. Thank you for watching my movie and I wish you a good screening and a very good festival.”

Max Riemelt – Actor, Germany

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