Breadcrumbs by Birthmark

Breadcrumbs by Birthmark Sinopsis


In brief: We observe a breadcrumb ceremony, in which the ducks are forced to learn about life’s abject misery in 3 easy stages. First hunger, then greed, and finally slaughter. Everyone is desperately seeking breadcrumbs until ultimately a breadcrumb tsunami smothers them into an awful faecal sleep. Then, with one grand gesture, they are all slaughtered and left to live for eternity as headless zombie clones.

You might ask yourself, is this documenting modern existence? No, definitely not! It’s the new video by Birthmark called BREADCRUMBS

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“Hello to all the film lovers of the Buenos Aires International Film Festival. Thank you for watching my movie and I wish you a good screening and a very good festival.”

Max Riemelt – Actor, Germany

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