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Official sponsors of the largest festival in Argentina

About The App

What does the App Cost?

The application will be completely free. You will have options to have the premium version of it and be able to access many more functions!

What benefits will have the app?

The application will have many benefits, some even exclusive for those who have downloaded it. In principle, you can get special discounts for your films registration in different categories, exclusive information about the festival, film contests and much more!

Discounts in the shop and the channel

With the app you will have access to special discounts for the official BUEIFF shop (official items and products of the festival) and for the channel festival (both for the audience and for filmmakers).

How does the Discount Work?

Discounts may be run at Film Freeway, Festhome and Click at Festivals, which are the world’s largest platforms for film festivals.

What Our Artists of the Film Industry Say

“What an amazing and wonderful Festival! Very honored to be a part of it, and in official selection. Great communication throughout the process as well. I only wish I could’ve attended in person.”

Christopher P. O'Sullivan | Producer, USA

“Unique and welcoming festival for both young and expierenced filmmakers! Keep on encouraging high quality and diversed content from all over the world!”

Matan Portnoy | Director, Israel

“Amazing Festival, true values, great passion!”

Victoria Yakubov Schneid | Director & Writer, France

“Hello to all the film lovers of the Buenos Aires International Film Festival, this is Max Riemelt from the movie Head Burst. Thank you for watching my movie and I wish you a good screening and a very good festival.”

Max Riemelt | Actor, Germany

“Welcome to the Buenos Aires International film festival screening of my movie, the girls of summer. It’s the result of several enthusiasms, so thank you very much for having us. ”

John Hancock | Director, USA

“Great communication! Hope to visit beautiful Buenos Aires and join you for the Q&A after the screening. Thanks for selecting Neighbors!!”

Tomislav Zaja | Director & Writer, Croatia