Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

The competition is divided firstly by week, from where the finalists of the month arise.
There will be one winner per month. After among the winners of each month, there will be a winner of the year.
Yes, right.
Except your movie was 1st, 2nd or 3rd earlier in the same month.

Voting system and results

The inscription is completely free.
The value to see all the films in the exclusive competition list will be USD 9.99, once paid whoever wants to vote for a film, will do so for free. Whoever wants to vote for that film again must pay $ 9.99
Every Monday the finalists of the month and semi-finalists will be published on the official website. At the same time that their status will change in Film Freeway and they will receive a notification email.
The Monday following the end of it. Your status will change on Film Freeway and you will receive a notification email from you, while BUEIFF will send a general email to all participants with the result and information on the winner.
In each month there will be between 8 and 10 semi-finalists, depending on the weeks. One of them will be selected and will be integrated into the shortlist of finalists to compete for the month.

Other Information

No, you will have access to the full list of competitors and you will be able to watch the movies as many times as you want before deciding your vote.
Each week’s winner will receive their finalist laurel and compete to win the month.
The winner of the month will be screened with a live audience in Buenos Aires, will receive their special laurel and an official certificate from the BUEIFF
The winner of the year will receive his special laurel, an official certificate, and the BUEIFF trophy
Both will be considered finalists and will compete to win the month.
Yes, of course. The exception of the first 3 places is only for the same month because it continues to compete, but you can re-enter in the number of months you want, even if you win.
There is no restriction on content, all thematics are allowed. The only restriction is regarding the maximum duration, short films of up to 25 minutes will be accepted.

Soon it will come the definitive

For Filmmakers



“Hello to all the film lovers of the Buenos Aires International Film Festival, this is Max Riemelt from the movie Head Burst. Thank you for watching my movie and I wish you a good screening and a very good festival.”

Max Riemelt – Actor, Germany

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